Using methodologies based on the latest research in neuroscience and physiology


End to End

A complete solution that involves a careful assessment, design, execution, follow-up and measuring results.


All solutions are adaptable intro three languages: English, German, and Spanish.


Neuroscience of change. Science based programs. Psychological safety. Resilience

Start the transformation learning how to build resilience capacity. The HeartMath programs are based on more than 20 years scientific research. They provide specific and easy-to-apply tools that help you and your team to regulate emotionally “in the moment”. Decision making,  inclusion and collaboration and many other aspects can benefit substantially from it.


Neuroscience of change. Science based programs. Psychological safety. Resilience

Business transformation

The neuroscience based specific programs helps you and your team improve professionally and personally in specific areas, for example:

The modules can be combined or customized according to your organizational needs.

Team Building & Incentives

Engage in one-of-a-kind experiences that enable team building and provides a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

  • Team activities using art as a medium of expression
  • These events can be of a few hours to up to one day, on site or virtual


What clients

 “I attended the “Change program” offered by my company to support our team during a huge transformation our company was going through. The program helped me to understand what change really meant!  

“My change resulted in a more effective way to communicate and take decisions in challenging and urgent situations, essential when managing a team or interacting with a large group of stakeholders.

I would recommend to other professionals, team leaders, managers to take the time to work with Maria Luisa. Whatever would be your focus it would have been worthy to try it. “

Dr. Alessia Orlandi,

Head of Strategic initiatives and BD Enabler, Fresenius medical Care

“The resilience program helped me become more aware with immediate impact on my daily job, for example when communicating and  listening to others or in setting my priorities .

I noticed that I could stay composed in challenging situations, become more focused and efficient and had more energy at the end of the day.

I think everyone can benefit from it on her/his daily challenges and I can only recommend Maria Luisa.”

Bodo Sterzinger,

Vice President Group Controlling & Planning, Messer Group 

“I highly recommend Maria Luisa Engels who has provided services and organized the Virtual Creative Event for our Women@IT Program in May 2020.
Maria Luisa has excellent work ethics and exemplary skills. She is very dedicated and with her great know how, we were able to execute the project on time, even during the COVID pandemic situation. Maria Luisa is a team player and she proactively helped ensure a very successful Event to our audience.
I strongly recommend Marisa as an exceptional professional partner.”

Caroline Sehn,
Change Management and Communications Head IT Healthcare Merck KGaA

“The sessions with Maria Luisa were intense and empowering. Applying the tools from the coaching is very helpful in difficult situations. The work in the small group creates a trustful environment where I felt comfortable. In a short time I started experiencing progress. I am very thankful for this experience. When I need it, I would consult Maria Luisa once again.”

Sales Manager Opel GmbH

When all 50 participants were asked to engage in creating a collage out of oversized puzzle pieces in 20 minutes, I felt the energy of each person. This wonderful project enabled us all to have fun conversation and to network.  I was also amazed at the art concept, the high-quality materials Maria Luisa had prepared and the surprise momentum we all felt when the puzzle was finally mounted. I can really recommend Maria Luisa´s Art Break. 

Lisa Soules,

Executive Communication Training

Wir haben Frau Engels zu einem Firmenevent mit 13 Teilnehmern gebucht. Frau Engels ist sehr flexibel und hat alle Materialien, in die von uns ausgewählte Location, mitgebracht. Desweiteren blieb alles wunderbar sauber, sodass auch die Besitzer des Lokals keine Probleme mit dreckigen Tischen hatten.
Frau Engels ist eine sehr kreative und kompetente Künstlerin und zaubert auch denjenigen ein Lächeln ins Gesicht, welche nicht so künstlerisch begabt sind.Sie steht jedem bei Fragen supernett zur Seite.
Sie hat uns vorab 3 Motive für dieses Event zur Auswahl gegeben, welche auf unsere Teilnehmer passend waren. Tolle Bilder waren das Endprodukt!
Weiterhin, liebe Frau Engels, viel Erfolg und glückliche Teilnehmer!

Bianca Korte,
Technische Kundenbetreuerin
Flemming Dental Labor GmbH

“The Resilience Training has changed my way of seeing things in life, it has been a great help. Many times one thinks that time is very valuable and that this type of training is not relevant to the business and prioritize other things, I admit that it was a great help for me to have participated in it. I have learned a lot and it marked an important change in my routine.”

Analia Sonorostro,
Sales manager, OLX Argentina 


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