Change your mind

Create new results

Increase your professional and personal performance with the groundbreaking program based of the research and methodologies of Dr. Joe Dispenza

The “Change Your Mind, Create New Results” program is suitable for individuals and organizations by using a dynamic combination of science, videos, and practical exercises that teach you how to use the brain in a focused and more conscious way.


  • Better collaboration
  • More cohesive and agile teams
  • Better and more effective communication
  • More focus and higher productivity
  • Faster decision making
  • Less stressed, more resilient
  • Higher motivation and engagement       
  • Increased problem solving skills and creativity
  • Less conflicts
  • Higher clarity of goals
  • More resilient


  •  Understand how the brain works and why it is important for change
  • Understand how the brain alters your perception.
  • Mind body connection and the chemistry of emotional adiction.
  • How your personality creates your personal reality
  • How to break habits and create new ones
  • The biology of stress and how to transform it
  • Learn how set intentions for yourself and your organization to become more productive, focused and creative.
  • Apply neuroscience based techniques to create  new neuronal pathways. to new potentials
  • Experience how to mentally reconfigure your brain, becoming more resilient, creative and collaborative.


Actionable models and tools for change, practical exercises to apply the theory, and audiovisual support material (workbook, journal, and audio files)


Duration of 14 to 16 hours with customizable delivery over several days (i.e., 2 full days, 3 hours over 5 days, etc.) The program delivery on-site or remote



The program includes an individual 20 min check-in, two group coaching sessions after 2 and 4 weeks of workshop delivery and additional individual coaching sessions upon request

“I can see visible changes across the team which is reflected in the volume and quality of ideas generated and the results being delivered. Our team is on track and focused to deliver against our vision and strategy.”

Marie St. Quinton

EMEAR Sales Enablement Team Manager, Cisco Systems


WHY “CHANGE YOUR MIND, create new results”?

 “Change your mind, create new results”  offers a dynamic combination of practical neuroscience, research based tools and an implementation process designed to help you create behavioral and sustainable changes at the individual level.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has spent more than 25 years researching the brain and has developed transformative models based on neuroscience, biology and epigenetics to create conscious, desirable and sustainable changes. He is is a Doctor of Chiropractic, an international speaker in over 33 countries and the author of 4 bestselling books. 

Through a rigorous application, selection, and certification process, Dr. Dispenza has personally certified consultants to deliver this work

Programs delivered by Maria Luisa Engels, NeuroChangeSolutions certified consultant. Available in english, german and spanish.

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