I have always loved to draw and paint and in my study time I always doodled. So I naturally started creating sketch notes.

The sketch notes are mainly based on topics that interest me personally or that are related to my work. All of them have a previous study, often from various sources (from scientific articles to best sellers in the field). Sometimes I also include a personal touch based on best practices or my own experience.

When creating this notes my intention is to inspire  curiosity, help others learn or maybe make them smile. These notes are not intended to be and cannot be taken as an exhaustive study of the subject. Here you can see some of the topics available.

I am constantly creating new notes and the sketchnote pool is growing monthly, so check up regularly my page for updates.

I also do commission work for presentations, departments or specific topics. If you are interested please get in touch.

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Pack of 27 Sketchnotes

This pack contains 27 Sketchnotes about leadership, corporate culture, personal development, team building or well-being.

See a list of all topics here.


Pack of 26 Sketchnotes for business and personal development. 26 handmade Sketchnotes on leadership, culture, team building and well-being.


How to use them? For example to spice your presentations at work, for posters or for your personal use.  New sketchnotes are being added regularly.


  1.    The 5 languages of appreciation at work
  2.  The power of tactical pause in public speaking or conversations
  3.  How to make messages stick
  4.  Bias and growth mindset
  5.   How to change and overcome 7 inner obstacles
  6.   How to change habits and create new ones
  7.   The 10 qualities of great leaders
  8.  Leading change with fluency
  9.  5 practices of exceptional leadership
  10.  4 principles of conscious leadership
  11.  Management approaches
  12.  4 Types of organisations
  13.  3 keys behind great cultures
  14.  3 keys behind Feedback conversations
  15.  3 signs of high performance cultures
  16.  The ideal team player
  17.  9 secrets of effective teams
  18.  When we don’t sleep
  19.  The sleep cycle
  20. How to sleep better
  21.  The power of naps
  22.  While you sleep…
  23.  The fruits of the resilience tree
  24.  Emotion and memory
  25.  5 components of emotional intelligence
  26.  Emotional regulation strategies
  27.  How to train small talk



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