Increase your professional and personal resilience

Science-based tools to become more resilient, take better decisions and regulate your emotions

Resilience. Science based tools to improve resilience and stress management. Measurable results. Emotion regulation. Training and Coaching.

Why resilience?

What if you could switch at will from a state of stress to a state of calm and clarity? For example by fatigue, when you require more focus or problem-solving skills, or by challenging situations or people? 

Because we live in a world of increasing, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (a VUCA world), we need strategies to adapt intelligently to our environment.

Resilient people have learned to manage their emotions. And that is why they know how to modulate them in the face of stress so that they do not “block” and respond better to the situation.

But, can resilience be learned?  The answer is YES! Although there are many factors influencing resilience capacity, we can do strenght the resilience muscle with appropiate training. 

The HeartMath resilience programs are validated by more than 20 years research. They help you and your team with quick and easy to apply emotional self-regulation tools. These programs teach resilience building practices to become physiologically and emotionally more balanced.


  • Enhanced ability to focus, process information and solve problems.
  • Heightened creativity and innovation.
  • Increased ability to handle challenging clients/people and situations.
  • Improved situational awareness in relationships, meetings and projects.
  • Greater employee satisfaction, well being and morale.
  • More vitality, resilience and regenerative sleep.
  • Better access to intuition for fast, effective decision making.


  • Less reactive, more clarity and better decisions under pressure.
  • Use practical intuition to effectively. manage change without overwhelm.
  • Learn powerful tools to maintain emotional stability in stress.
  • Recognize subtle stress signals before they become chronic.
  • Get practical ideas for easily integrating the tools into daily routines.
  • Learn how your responses to events, people or circumstances can deplete or renew your energy.

Program Details


 Actionable models and tools for resilience, practical exercises, and support material (guide book and Inner Balance devices to practice and measure your progress)


Customizable delivery over several days (i.e., 2 full days, 2.5 hours over 5 days, etc.) On-site or remote



Pre and post stress and wellbeing baseline measurement.

Optional individual 20 min check-in, individual or group coaching sessions  

Research based

“The Resilience AdvantageTM” and the “Building Personal ResilienceTM Programs” are based on 20 years of evidence-based scientific HeartMath research.

Positive emotions

Basically it is not the event or situation that creates the stress. It is how we respond or react to it. Emotions have a powerful impact on the human body. Positive emotions like appreciation, gratitude, and kindness feel good and are renewing for us. But not only that. They help the heart and other systems in our body synchronize, what neurocardiologists call “coherence,” and work in greater health and energy.

Measurable results

Research has shown that the state of  coherence allows you to self-regulate, recharge your battery, motivate you and keep you in that state. The level of coherence can be measured as it is linked to the heart beat. The Inner Balance device from allows you to train and monitor your progress.

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